Snow Policy

The Vine Preschool follows Fairfax County Public Schools for snow, ice and any other hazardous weather conditions.

We do NOT follow their policy for cold temperatures. When Fairfax County Public Schools has a delayed opening for cold weather conditions, it is usually for students who stand and wait for the school bus. Because this does not pertain to us, we do not follow their policy when it pertains to cold temperatures.

Fairfax County Public Schools

We follow Fairfax County Public Schools on the first day. On the second day and thereafter, The Vine Preschool makes an independent decision.

For a two-hour delay we open at 9:00am and do not accept children after 10:00am. If Fairfax County Public Schools closes early, we follow their time schedule.

Snow/ice/hazardous weather closures will be posted at the top of our website and on our Facebook page by 5:30am. NBC4, and WTOP radio will also announce all school closures.

You can also check Fairfax County Public Schools’ website at for hazardous weather closures.

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